Photos of Previous Lines

2012-2013 Cavalettes-31st Line

2012-2013 Cavalette Dance Officers
 Left to Right: Jr. Lt-Sara A., Sr. Lt-Ciarra R., Captain Brooke F., 1st Lt-Jazmine M., Jr. Lt-Vivi N.

2011-2012 Cavalettes-30th Line

2012-2013 Cavalette Dance Officers
 Front Row: Captain Stacy A.
Second Row (l-r): Co-1st Lt. Amy B., Co-1st Lt. Caitlin A.
Third Row (l-r): Sr. Lt. Christen U., Sr. Lt. Julie B., Jr. Lt. Jazmin M.
Fourth Row (l-r): Jr. Lt. Brooke F., Jr. Lt. Jean Marie N.

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2010-2011 Cavalettes-29th Line

2010-2011 Cavalette Dance Officers
 (front row): Senior Captain Kristen G.
(2nd row, l to r): Senior 1st Lieut. Ashley B., Senior Lieut. Rachel H.
(3rd row, l to r): Senior Lieut. Rachel G., Junior Lieut. Amy B., Senior Lieut. Lizzie E.
(4th row, l to r): Junior Lieut. Stacey A., Junior Lieut. Julie B.

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2009-2010 Cavalettes-28th Line

2009-2010 Cavalette Dance Officers
Seated (l to r): Sr. Lieut. Liza P., Captain Danielle L., Jr. 1st Lieut. Kristen G.
Standing (l to r): Jr. Lieut. Ashley B., Jr. Lieut. Jane B., Jr. Lieut. Rachel H., Jr. Lieut. Skyelar W.

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